#1 – The Clean Room

When your laundry room and your mudroom team up, magic happens. Rose gold hardware shines on a long row of tall white cabinets. Our Lancaster doors feel modern and bright, while a custom bench feels traditional and cozy. Wallpaper adds texture, cushions add softness, and a French door adds sunshine. Look closely and you’ll find a hanging bar to dry clothes with bag hooks beneath.

This customer asked us to transform their laundry room with generous storage and an airy feel. We love how it turned out.

(As seen on ‘Love It or List It: Vancouver’)


#2 – The Canadian Room

Let’s address our national problem: Where do we put the hockey stuff?

When you have a bunch of canuck kids, smelly piles of gear are a real problem. This owner was drowning in gloves, sticks, pads and helmets.

We designed this room to be a welcoming foyer at first glance and a hockey haven behind closed doors. Customized storage gives multiple sets of gear space to dry out and air out.

Gravity clamps hold up sticks, wire baskets store pads, and STOR-Trax hooks suspend skates and helmets inside cabinets. We finished things off with bold black hardware on Lancaster doors in an icy white finish.

This hockey mom may never trip over a stick again.

(As seen on ‘Love It or List It: Vancouver’)


#3 – The Go Play Outside Room

This family had multiple small children and a simple ask: keep the clutter at bay, but easy to reach.

We answered their challenge with floor to ceiling cabinets stacked atop double height cubbies, so kids can find their own shoes, mitts and hats. Jackets hide away behind Lancaster doors with classic black hardware. A cozy bench beneath the window gives this family a bright place to sit and put their shoes on. Everything’s out of sight, out of mind and ready to play.

(As seen on ‘Love It or List It: Vancouver’)


#4 – The Tiny Room

This client had a strange closet at their entry that brought them more headaches than help. Could we turn it into a tiny mudroom? You bet.

By removing the door, we were able to maximize the full depth of the closet with shoe shelves up to the ceiling and storage for hats, gloves and scarves. The low bank of drawers makes a handy bench for getting shoes on and off, while hooks for coats and bags above keep the sightline tidy. Not a single thing lives on the floor.

It’s a tiny miracle.


#5 – The Shred Room

X-Games snowboarder Leanne Pelosi asked us for a customized dream shred room for her equipment. No problem, Leanne.

We developed the design based on her packing flow for a big trip. This ensures that nothing important gets left behind, such as essential safety books and back country gear.

For a woodsy Whistler feel, we made everything in Narvik Ash with black hardware. We love the map that defines the far wall, the endless bench seating, and the open and airy feel you get from the raised ceiling.


Let’s Rename Your Mudroom

Your mudroom is also an entry point to your home. Make it shine, and you’ll feel its calming effect every time you walk through the door.

Book a complimentary consultation for your one-of-a-kind mudroom. We’ll design and build storage solutions that fit your needs and your space perfectly.