Ask Sharon Cohen what he loves most about being a STOR-X franchise owner and he doesn’t hesitate with his response. 

“It’s about the people that work there and the support that you get. Even though you’re running a franchise operation, you’re never working alone.” 

It was the company’s franchise business model and a meeting with owner Wolf Nickel that confirmed Sharon’s decision to become a franchisee in 2013. He’d been operating a locksmith company for several years, but the middle-of-the-night calls were wreaking havoc with his young family. He started looking for something different, something project oriented. His search led him to STOR-X.  

“It was exactly what I was looking for,” says Sharon. “The way that Wolf was running the company was something that I was very much aligned with. They set you up for success. There’s the quality of product, the customer service and the strong support from a solid team. It was so important to me to know that I’d never be left without a solution to a problem.”  

The Back Story 

Sharon emigrated from Israel in 2009. Working at a car dealership in Regina during a bitter prairie winter provided him with both insight and perspective on Canada and the people that call it home. “I was able to see how things were different here. I also gained a better understanding of Canadians. They’re genuinely nice, so friendly and incredibly caring.” After a year in Saskatchewan, Sharon moved his family west to Calgary in 2010, where he’s been ever since.  

He was educated at the College of Nazareth in Israel as a practical engineer in industrial management where there was a strong focus on collaborating and facilitating between various departments within a business – something that has served him well as a franchisee owner. 

“If you want to manage a project, you need to know what each department is doing and see how they are inter-dependent on one another. For example, understanding how the shop or accounting or production works.” This insight is critical for Sharon as it lets him see the various perspectives of a situation or a project.   

“It helps ensure that I’ve got the right processes in place so I can make informed decisions.” 

Customer Deborah Laurin of Calgary couldn’t agree more. “When Sharon is on the job, you know it’s going to be done well,” she says. “He’s incredibly meticulous and there’s such attention to detail. Nothing is overlooked.” 

The Benefits  

Sharon is proud to be part of the extended STOR-X family and equally proud of the STOR-X products and services that’s he’s been providing for his Calgary customers.  

The feeling is mutual, according to Laurin. “Honest, funny, thoughtful. Everybody loves Sharon. He comes up with great solutions and is always willing to listen, which is so important.” 

For Sharon, it comes down to trust. “That’s what we’re selling in a way. Trust in a product, trust in a service, trust in me as a franchisee and what I bring to the table and trust in the company that’s behind it all.” 

For him, it’s about having confidence in both the company and the products that he’s selling. “I know I’m getting a high-quality product, that deliveries will be on time and that my customers will get exactly what they ordered. There are rarely any issues with head office which makes my job so much easier. And if something does come up, it’s dealt with right away to ensure it doesn’t happen again.” 

He appreciates the flexibility and the experience that the team provides. No matter what kind of challenge he might be facing with a custom storage or organization scenario, he knows they’ll always have a solution that will help him meet his customers’ needs.  

“I’ve worked with him on three separate projects, including my kitchen,” says Laurin. “It’s small but people can’t believe how well it functions. He understands the concept of managing space. Sharon didn’t waste a millimeter of it.”  

The Big Question 

What would Sharon say to someone who might be interesting in becoming a STOR-X franchisee? He’s quick to respond here, too. “You can choose how and when you work, which is great. And the support that you get from Wolf and his team is amazing.” 

For him, knowing that he can turn to a group of caring, dedicated people for support and guidance when needed helps make his job as a STOR-X franchise owner that much easier.  

“If you’re prepared to work hard, to give 100 percent all the time and to be committed to outstanding customer service, you will find the job incredibly rewarding. Plus you’ll be working with a company that sets you up for success from day one.” 

A Few Words from Sharon’s Customers

“I had the most professional, fun and easy-going experience working with Stor-x. Sharon customized our closet space to our liking and offered ideas on how to organize and make use of every inch. I have recommended this company again and again. Thank you for the amazing service and outstanding work!”


“I can’t say enough about his dedication to finding a solution, his workmanship, the quality of the product and all at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend Sharon and Stor-x to anyone in need of organizing solutions and cabinets!”

Susan Ashton

“Sharon helped me design some more functional closet spaces, all while navigating COVID challenges (zoom meetings, etc.) These guys are super knowledgable and fast to respond.”

Anne Brady, Calgary

“From the initial consult through to the installation, the attention to detail and customer service exceeded our expectations. We are looking forward to having Sharon and Stor-X back for more projects in our home”

J. Galley, Calgary

“Excellent quality product and well worth the money. At the planning stage, nothing phases Sharon, and with my ideas and his expertise, I was able to utilize every little nook and cranny in the house. I would highly recommend it. Don’t waste your own time and money if you think it’s worthwhile doing yourself. Get these guys in! Thank you, Sharon!”

Deb Darbyshire

“He impressed me with his knowledge, suggestions and ability to understand our goals with a new built in closet. Highly recommend working with Sharon and his team and will use them again in the future.”

Tamara Porter