Every option, every feature, every possibility. So when the opportunity to own his own territory came up, Paul jumped. Together with his wife Penny, they’ve been growing their business around Squamish, Whistler and Pemberton for about a year now.

Penny comes to the table as a homecare expert. She found her niche in micromanaging, organizing schedules for other families and taking care of their domestic business. 

Penny’s home is testament to her hyper-organized skillset, she tells us. Except for her teenage son’s room, which we can’t fault her for. 

As a team, Paul and Penny are practically perfect.  

You’ll meet Penny first. She’ll take measurements of your space and ask you a lot of questions about how you think it could work better. She’ll bring the assignment home to Paul, who excels at tricky tasks from having installed our systems for so long. Penny brings fresh eyes. Paul brings deep experience.  

They’re partners in both life and business, so the opportunity to create their own schedule is key to their success. They’ve built a life that works for them—and works well.   

But Penny and Paul are also our partners, and we’re happy to hear that they like us, too. 

“Stor-X is like a giant family. You feel welcome. You get an opinion. It’s nice,” says Penny. “We’re locally made. We produce a high-quality Canadian product. We try to be very green.” 

Given their adventure-seeking territory, Penny and Paul put their talents to work on a lot of weekend homes. Their clients have toys and gear and no time to waste, so they need it all to be organized. Ultra-customized front entrances and garages are their bread and butter. 

But one day Penny thinks it would be pretty fun to outfit a daycare center or a big space just for kids. Cubbies, hooks, you name it. As long as it’s all indestructible. 

Over the past year, Penny and Paul have become the often-shared secret of many weekend homeowners in their territory. With zero marketing, their business had taken off in a big way through simple word of mouth.  

A credit to their beautiful results, sure, but also to Penny’s personal touch.  

“I just want to be friends with all of my clients. You let me in your house, we’re going to get along.” 

We think you should invite Penny over.