A cluttered home is not just bad for your mood—it’s bad for your health, according to this article from Motherly.

“No matter the ways, reasons and means by which the creep of stuff exceeds our ability to mentally and physically manage it—all of it amounts to stress. Clutter can trigger the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which can increase tension and anxiety and lead to unhealthy habits.”


Now the good news: Decluttering is not so hard.

Joyce Marter is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and stuff-care advocate. She says that purging unneeded items from our homes is like deleting files to create space on your computer. “Suddenly, the whole operating system is more efficient.”

But… where to start?


The Pile Up

Keep, Donate, Sell, Toss. These are your piles. If ‘Keep’ is a mountain, reconsider your criteria. Holding onto clothes that are the wrong size might actually be making you feel bad about yourself. Anything crowned in dust needs to go. Ask yourself if you’re clinging to items that no longer suit the life you lead. Make room for personal growth—you’re going to need it.


If you’re in the kitchen, a container system is a must. Take all those half-finished bags out of your cabinets and get everything into a clear, labeled container. Ikea has a great selection, but so does every home store. Our favorites might be cheap, round deli containers. Find them in long sleeves in many sizes at Wholesale Club. Their round lids are all the same, so you’ll never search for a lost mate. And they’re BPA-free… we checked.


A Place for Everything

Make it your mission to get things off the floor. Hooks are great for this. A row of them in a mudroom makes it easy for your busy family to come and go. Put some lower down so that kids can hang their own stuff up. Get some sturdy baskets for hats and mitts, and make sure they’re easy for little hands to find. You don’t want to be the only one putting things away.


Take Small Bites

Know what’s great about a house? It’s divided into rooms. Tackle one at a time, and you won’t feel overwhelmed. Even better, you’ll find that progress in one room inspires progress in another. Decluttering can be a bit of a rush, just watch. When you finish each small space, pour yourself a glass of wine (or cup of tea) and just go sit in it. It’s better than Netflix.



Ask for Help

We can’t tell you what jeans to keep, but we’re great at creating storage solutions that feel fantastic. Brilliant built-ins are what we do best. Custom designed for your space, made in Canada, installed with care. Book your free consultation today, and let’s get 2022 off to a beautiful start.