Maybe it’s because there are a lot of moving parts involved in a kitchen reno. It’s not a simple undertaking. Choosing cabinetry becomes less romantic when you realize you also have to figure out how and when you’re going to get them installed. These aren’t what you’d consider minor disruptions to everyday routines.  

The simple truth is that kitchen renos aren’t for the faint of heart. DIY projects can – and often do – go sideways in a heartbeat. The end results can be time consuming, emotionally stressful and unnecessarily expensive.  

Taking away some of that stress and uncertainty is part of the reason why STOR-X Organizing Systems expanded our service options to include kitchen cabinet renovations. It’s a natural extension to what we already offer plus we’ve got some pretty serious project management chops too! 

We Know Kitchen Cabinets 

Just how much of the kitchen renovation can we handle? Depending on what you’re looking for, we can handle the custom design, manufacture and installation of your cabinetry. This means you don’t have to worry about measuring, fitting, hammering or any of the other fun things usually associated with a DIY cabinet project. We like to think of it as saying goodbye to DIY and letting us DIFY (Do It For You).

To give you a better idea of what a kitchen reno project might look like, here’s a quick snapshot of how we break it down. And don’t forget, we’re with you throughout every phase of the project. We can even work around the schedules of your contractors and other tradespeople. Need advice hiring a plumber or a countertop specialist? Ask your STOR-X representative! Being in the home improvement business, we have come to meet a lot of people in the industry and your local STOR-X representative may have someone to refer you to.  

Budget & Planning 

Every well-planned project starts with a good plan and a budget in mind. Sit down and envision your kitchen, gather ideas together and start pulling them into an online file or Pinterest board. Create a budget and remember to allow for overages to cover unplanned expenses. Break out how much you think you’ll need for each area and/or item.

Reach out to contractors to get quotes (including us), confirm dates and ensure hires. (And if you haven’t already, make sure to have basic measurements of your space.) 

Too Much Detail? Never!  

Get specific when it comes to the walls, countertops, tiles, flooring, cabinetry, lighting and fixtures. Details will serve you well here: make note of and track things like supplier names, makes and models, colours, materials, costs and payment options. Keep receipts, warranties, notes and other important papers (even digital versions) handy and accessible in case you need to refer to them.  

Upgrade Upheaval

There are a number of “must do’s” when renovating a kitchen, not the least of which is to apply for building permits if you’re planning to make structural, mechanical, electrical or plumbing changes. A good contractor will typically take care of this for you.  

  • During upgrades or renovations, it’s a good idea to establish a “temporary” kitchen. This means putting valuables away in storage and setting up in another area where there’s access to a fridge or microwave. If the weather permits, it’s prime time to make use of the outdoor grill.  
  • Demolitions create a lot of dust, waste and other materials. Make sure arrangements have been made to take care of both collection and proper disposal. (Check local bylaws if necessary.) 
  • Remember you still have to take care of finalizing plans, placing orders, installing drywall and paint, measuring and installing the countertops, adding hardware and finishes, installing backsplash and cleaning up. 

While a DIY kitchen sounds like it could be a weekend project, there’s a lot of hard work and elbow grease involved. Not to mention the chaos and upheaval that occurs for the better part of several weeks. That is why we recommend making sure you give yourself a lot of time to research and work with suppliers you trust. Contact your local STOR-X consultant or download our customer kitchen reno checklist to get started.