Become a STOR-X® Organizing Systems Dealer

STOR-X® has a unique opportunity for businesses that would greatly benefit by adding this product to their existing line.

STOR-X® dealers can be stand alone or can include companies that sell window blinds, kitchen cabinets, glass and flooring.

Dealers are typically in the home making a sales call and can add the STOR-X® product line as part of their service.

Dealers are responsible for sales and installation. The STOR-X® Order Desk does the design and ordering of the product. The product is shipped directly to the dealer in a very installer friendly format.

The vast majority of the work is done in the plant before the custom closet is shipped. This ensures you can sell and deliver using your existing staff and add to a healthy bottom line!

Dealer benefits:

  • Add to existing product line with little or no stress or costs.
  • Fill more needs of your customers
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Increase your competitive edge

STOR-X® Dealer Program – How it works

The STOR-X® Custom fit Dealer process:

  • Create a dream custom closet with the customer using the Quick Design Sheet
  • Send in your Quick Design sheet to STOR-X®
  • Receive a STOR-X™ 3D Cad image of the closet to send to your customer with the quote
  • Receive a signed quotation
  • Submit the order to STOR-X®
  • Order is delivered cut to measure, labeled per room and ready to install
  • No complicated parts inventory
  • No cutting
  • STOR-X® even sends a trash bag to collect the recycling

How do I become a STOR-X® Dealer?

Complete the online dealer inquiry form above to start the process.

Once that inquiry has been completed and approved, the STOR-X® Dealer will simply begin to order their custom product from STOR-X®.

Our business is making people’s lives organized through innovative storage solutions with a unique stress free buying experience!


“I would definitely recommend STOR-X®!”

Everything for my closet, from the initial design phase to install went incredibly smoothly. I sent my floor plans in, and since I’m not a closet designer, I had no clue where to start; i.e., I gave them no guidance. I received floor plans and 3D renderings of my closet within 24 hours that looked outstanding (something I’d be proud to share with a client.) Best of all, the install went off without a hitch. When our installer saw the plans and boxes, he said he didn’t think that it was possible to get the install done in a day. He actually finished in about 4 hours (and that included some of the tear out and disposal of my existing closet shelving.) He said it was much easier than the closet rail systems we’ve used in the past (and light years easier than the systems we’ve purchased from home centers.) The only problem with my new closet, and it’s quite clear from the pics, is that I clearly need to purchase some more shoes.
Shortly after ordering the system for my own closet, I had a nice opportunity for a master bedroom and bathroom which included a closet. Mike turned around the design in a day (again, all I provided was the wall dims) giving me options in 3 different colors to present to my client. I think the closet design was the thing that sealed the deal. My client sent me an email commenting on my attention to detail, etc. I’m pretty sure my bathroom design sold the husband, and the closet design sold the wife.
Special thanks to Mike. He was super talented and incredibly patient. He provided the type of service that I hope my designers can give to all of our clients.
Thanks a bunch,

– Molly