We have always taken pride in being a Canadian company, made in Canada. When our country made a pledge to accept 25,000 refugees in by the end of February, we knew we wanted to help welcome these people with open arms.

400 refugees have already created a new home here in Vancouver, British Columbia, where our factory has been for over 25 years. One particular family, the Alragheb family, has been sponsored by a local church in our Richmond community, Peace Mennonite Church. When Peace Mennonite Church reached out to our company for a donation, we were excited to get the chance to help. Through the church, they were able to get a basement suite rental for Samar Alragheb, his wife and young son, but the storage in the bedroom of the suite needed a little help... That's where we came in!

To give you an idea of what we were working with, here is what the closet looked like before we got our hands on it:

The Before!

We immediately got to work! Wolf, our CEO, with the help of his brother, Dieter Nickel, a member of Peace Mennonite Church, began quickly installing what was going to be their new bedroom closet.

The men hard at work prepping the reach-in closet.

Samar and his son Laythe (our adorable little spectator!).

The official "Hard at Work" image with the closet almost finished!

After some hard work from Dieter and Wolf, the finished product was a beautiful closet that we hope will help Samar and his family to feel a little bit more at home. Without further adieu, here is the finished closet with the happy family!

The After!

Samar and his family were so fun to get to know and help. Although there was a strong language barrier, we worked with smiles and hand signals, ad they were sweet enough to repay us with their kind hospitality by making us some delicious espresso!

It's hard to imagine what they have been through. After three years in a refugee camp, they get to our (cold) country, and they now have to begin a lfe here. I hope that our fellow Canadians work to help them feel welcomed and safe in this very new place for them. If you would like to read a bit more about their story, you can click here.

Once we finished the closet and it was time to go, Dieter and Wolf noticed a leak in their gutter and unable to let themselves leave with a problem like that, they of course jumped in and fixed that to as a final touch. Nothing wrong with a little bit of Canadian hospitality!

Thank you to Peace Mennonite Church and Dieter Nickel for allowing us to help with this families new home. If you would like to find out ways that you can help, click here