Belts and other clothing accessories. The kids’ rock collections. The socks your aunt still gives you every birthday. We’ve got drawers for everything.

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Whether for displaying your most treasured items or making it easier to organize the contents of your closets, custom shelves and shelf dividers can add style and utility.

Racks & Valets

No more hanging your things from doors and doorknobs. Every closet needs a valet rod to provide a handy place to hang clothes. Belt, tie and scarf racks add even more organization.


Pull-out hampers, complete with removable bags that make doing the laundry a breeze, provide practical storage for things that just need to be out of the way. We’re talking dirty laundry, the kids’ stuffies, sports gear, more stuffies, toys, so many stuffies…


Hooks let you use wall space to hang up jackets, towels, backpacks, and other items that tend to gravitate toward the floor. Choose from various looks and types of hooks.

Shoe Accessories

Got lots of shoes but nowhere to store them? Create a functional but good-looking area for shoe storage, including a fixed or adjustable shelf, set at an angle. A colour matched shoe lip on the front keeps every shoe in its place.

STOR-Trax Track Wall

Symphony Wall Organizer

Unique Design Features

Beautiful, customized features for every space in the home, designed and manufactured by STOR-X®.

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Once you’ve chosen the best accessories for your space, it’s time to add some personal touches with our vast selection of finishes, colours, and hardware.