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Carrie Lunn

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Nanaimo, BC
Carrie Lunn

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Carrie is no stranger to the STOR-X family. She’s been with the company for nearly a decade, having worked in a variety of positions during that time.

“I started out in the manufacturing area at first, so I know everything from how we make the products to how they’re installed. From there, I moved over to help manage the franchisee team and now I have my own territory.”

“It really was a natural transition for me and it’s a great fit.”

Carrie began working with STOR-X while she was pursuing her nursing degree. Fast forward several years and Carrie had come to realize that the long shifts and physical requirements of the job were not sustainable for her. “The occupation had changed so much. I also had two teenage stepdaughters at home and I wanted to be around for them as much as I could.”

Being a franchise owner gives Carrie the flexibility she needs to create a better work-life balance. It goes without saying that she’s also happy still being involved in a family business that she’s been a part of for so long.

“Honestly, it doesn’t feel like work for me. There’s such a great culture, too. It’s one you don’t see very often. Everyone is so passionate about how our products have the ability to bring calm into the chaos of our customers’ lives.”

Based in Nanaimo, Carrie is looking forward to the opportunity to put her background and training to work. “When you get right down to it, it’s really about helping people find solutions to their organizing challenges, so there’s less stress, anxiety and frustration.”

“For me, it’s about finding ways to help them be more comfortable in their space so they’ll have time to focus on the important things in life – like family, friends and their own well-being.”

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