Recently, this past month, we had the privilege of hosting a tour for a group of students from the University of British Columbia that were in their Wood Products Processing Program. As a company that proudly uses lean manufacturing processes as well as continuous improvement practices, we loved the chance to be able to show off our factory and teach the students a little bit about ourselves.

Luke Opacic giving half of the students the lean manufacturing presentation

When they arrived here at STOR-X, we split them in half; one group started with a shop tour with our Lean Champion, Tyson Nickel, and the second half of them began a presentation on our lean manufacturing program led by Luke Opacic, a previous student of UBC who had also been a very large part in getting our lean manufacturing where it is today! Luke happened to be our first Lean Champion, a position that Tyson has since taken over.

Some of the students taking the shop tour with our Lean Champion, Tyson Nickel.

We are proud of how we have innovated our factory with the lean system as well as continuous improvement. It continues to grow our view on green standards and improving the environment as well as creating a culture where our staff would be proud to work. It really pushes us to constantly look at how we build our product and how we can further develop to be the best company we can be. Thank you to the Wood Products Processing program for taking the time to tour our factory. We here at STOR-X Organizing Systems had such a fun time hosting these students and we really hope they were able to gain some valuable knowledge from how we as a company operate.