To renovate or just vacate, that was the question for Belinda and Sam of Vancouver in this third season episode of Love it or List it Vancouver. Naturally, as home organizing specialists, we relished the opportunity to reinvent some of their less inspired living spaces, specifically this families cluttered entry way, and we hoped to provide a compelling reason for them to ‘love it.’ We definitely think you’ll like the results. If you missed the episode, hop on over to the W Network to see all of the before and after photos to see how our products transformed their home. Also, if you like their entry way, click here to see how we can transform yours!

Synopsis (from W Network)

Penny moved into Chuck’s childhood home over 20 years ago, but has never quite felt settled. A dysfunctional layout without a place for her snoring husband to sleep has Penny desperate, and she hopes Todd can find them the perfect fresh start. Chuck’s roots run so deep that he can’t imagine a life beyond his four walls. He needs Jillian to transform his long-time residence into a space where Penny and their two young girls can finally feel at home. You can view their resource list here.