“I have always been a problem solver,” she says. “I’m like a dog with a bone. I don’t give up unless I find the perfect solution. That’s what originally drew me to STOR-X back in 2019 – I love being given the opportunity to go into homes and to help solve peoples’ organization problems.” 

Putting the Customer First  

Diana first started her STOR-X franchise in August of 2019. She had been looking to start her own business for a while, but she gravitated towards STOR-X’s franchise model because the company’s philosophy matched her own approach.  

“From that first in-home consultation through to the design and installation, I love making sure that we get everything right for our customers,” she explains. “The key is communication. I’m here to support clients every step of the way. Whether it’s listening to their challenges or educating them on our products and processes, I work closely with them throughout the entire process.”  

That level of one-to-one support echoes the relationship Diana enjoys with STOR-X, who she says are available day and night to help.  

“Everyone at Head Office is so knowledgeable – they understand their products inside and out and are more than happy to pass that information on to their franchisees. Whether I have a question about marketing, business development or I just have a new idea that I want to run past someone, it’s great to know there’s always someone on the other end of the phone.” 

Growing the Business, Supporting Local 

Following her success in Regina, Diana recently expanded her operations to take in the Saskatoon region and she can’t wait to get to work:  

“Everyone needs help with their storage and organization, so why just help Southern Saskatchewan when we could help more of the province?” she explains. “I see a huge opportunity here. There aren’t many companies that serve people outside of the city limits, but we’re more than happy to go wherever homeowners need our services – it’s what makes us different.”  

Growing up in a farming family, and currently living on a farm herself, Diana knows the important role the farming community plays in prairie life. It’s why she continues to support her local community whenever possible. Through her, STOR-X’s solutions have helped food banks in Regina and Saskatoon better organize their supplies and she donates to the Stars Ambulance at every opportunity she can. 

“I always have new ideas, love new challenges and with a big glass of wine I’m sure I will have no trouble finding my next opportunity and finding more ways to expand my business.”  

Growing the Business, Supporting Local 

Diana’s exciting growth hasn’t happened by accident, however. Alongside the excellent service she provides STOR-X customers, she’s also partnered with local influencers to help grow her network.  

“When I first heard the term ‘influencer marketing’ I wasn’t even sure what an influencer was,” she says. “But after educating myself, I began connecting with local influencers online. These partnerships have been a great way to grow awareness of our services and to help more customers find us in their local area.”  

This innovative approach proved to be all the more important when the global pandemic hit.  

“Everything changed. We were no longer able to attend all of the usual trade shows and fairs that we previously used to grow our business, so we had to look for alternative ways to connect with our customers.”  

It’s not just online where Diana has embraced the spirit of collaboration either – she has also partnered with local providers to form a collective called the Design Hub, a one-stop-shop for home (or commercial) renovation and design. 

“As a mobile business we found ourselves interacting with a whole host of other providers,” she explains. “From paint, flooring, blinds, designers and furniture companies, we would often work with other businesses and regularly referred clients amongst our network. Given the amount of crossover, it made sense for us to all work together under one roof. With the great idea from my friend Shannon Forrester, we formed the Design Hub as a place where clients could meet all of us, then cherry pick all of the services and products they need for their projects.”  

The Big Question  

Given the success she’s enjoyed so far, what would Diana say to anyone who wanted to become a STOR-X franchisee?  

“Go for it,” she says. “Take a chance on yourself. You will get all the support you need from Head Office. The work is incredibly rewarding and it’s flexible too. I’m able to build my business and succeed while still being able to be around for my family – what more could you ask for?”