“I’d been wanting to raise the finishing standards for new construction,” he says. “I wanted to give people an opportunity to see it as a viable option when they’re building a home.” 

An Unusual Beginning

Even though he’d identified a market need and had been searching for manufacturers, Travers’s initial plans didn’t include STOR-X at all. In fact, it was by chance that he came across them. His in-laws in Kelowna had called on the local STOR-X consultant to help with a project at their house. They liked it so much, they couldn’t wait to tell him about it.  

“After hearing about how much they loved their STOR-X products, I was intrigued and decided to investigate further,” says Travers. “I talked to their consultant to get a better understanding of the products and services as well as the company itself.” 

From there, Travers sat down with STOR-X founders and owners, Wolf Nickel and Theresa Thom. “I was really impressed with their business model as well as the franchise operations. There’s so much support for me as a franchise owner.” 

“Like them, I’m also focused on continuous improvement, on seeing how I can run a better, more efficient operation. Plus the company’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing was also very important to me.”  

A Natural Fit for Stor-X

With his ten-plus years in construction and renovation, Travers brings a unique perspective to the franchise role. Not only is he aware of industry requirements, he also knows the importance of details and timelines. He can quickly relate to a client’s individual needs while providing reassurance in breaking down and explaining technical information. This insight and expertise have proved to be invaluable.  

“You can make recommendations about projects, like if a wall might need to be moved or if the plumbing or electrical might be affected. Being able to offer additional guidance to clients is important to me and I know they appreciate that.” 

“It’s all about forming a team where everyone is focused on creating solutions for the client. We’re not just adding value to a property; we’re also helping someone organize their home and their life.” 

A Promising Future 

To raise awareness of just how well STOR-X products can be integrated into a home, Travers has been supporting a local junior hockey team’s lottery home by donating a STOR-X master closet for the past few years.  

“The response has been amazing,” he says. “We’ve received great feedback plus it’s an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our product.” 

Travers is looking forward to furthering the growth of the STOR-X brand in the Prince George community. To aid in his efforts, he has plans to open up showroom space within the next year. 

“STOR-X fills that need that a lot of people have when it comes to storage and organizing systems. They don’t want to do it themselves but the costs of custom millwork or cabinetry can sometimes be out of their price range.” 

“This is the best solution for them,” he says. “It’s a custom product without the custom costs.” 

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